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DECEMBER 3RD, 2019 - Perth
This leadership model has provided me with the awareness to identify key - where it fits and how it opens the door to so many new possibilities.

Megan Vuillerman
President - Southern Business 
Women's Association
Ilse is a great facilitator and presenter. I would have every confidence in putting her in front of my clients. She is extremely professional and her work is of a high standard.

Louise Carter
CEO - Performance Partnership
I feel so energised from attending this seminar. Such positive energy and sparks flowing from everyone in the group.
Jonas Mulombwa
Jonas Mulombwa Photography
Whilst witnessing Ilse in action I discovered by attending this course and to progress to the next level in my business I learnt I need to focus more on my personal leadership to find the hows and why I hold myself back in my delivery of my message 
Kath Mazzella
from Kath Mazzella 
Ilse is a passionate orator with a very powerful stage presence.Her content demonstrates the extent of her experience whileproviding the audience with a clearkey message and definite course of action. 

Jacques Phillips, 
Rotary Club Perth
"I now have a greater understanding of my emotions and how to get back into the Zone quickly - thank you PurposeSYNC!!" 
Cameron Aitken
Perth Body Scanners
“We know you’re busy. With work, family, social obligation - your schedule can fill up. And over 108+ Learning Outcomes might seem like a lot. That’s why we’ve designed the Cultural Coach Program with your busy schedule in mind. This program rolls-out over 12 months so you’ll have the time to absorb this powerful content and put it into practice without disrupting your schedule”
Brands Don't Grow on Trees - The Reverse Engineering of Successful Brands
You would only read this book if you are brazen enough to think your message has a right to be heard in the marketplace. And that means you need to take another look beneath the ice-berg because frankly - snappy branding just doesn’t cut it anymore. 

Mark Patterson

In a sea of resources on leadership & management this new book from Ilse Strauss is a refreshing resource for the thinking leader.
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Ilse Strauss has brought a breakthrough that I was searching to expand my journey in leadership. She has positively impacted my decision making process, calibrate my thinking and infuse incredible inputs. I truly recommend Ilsé Strauss 
Ellis Hodgetts, 
Not knowing what to expected I was incredibly impressed with her knowledge, passion, energy and presentation. She truly is an inspiration and presents in such an easy and personal way that touches and impresses. Highly recommended - thank you Ilse. 
Susi Jarman, 
 King Living
Ilse leaves audiences asking for more! Her passionate style of delivery, knowledge and experiences were evident. It’s not easy to deliver content and motivate at the 
same time. Ilse does it with 
great ease 
Mark Amin, 
9 Signs This Is Right For YOU!
The truth is, everyone has leadership within them. And Fearless Leadership takes awareness, curiosity, commitment and a desire to serve those around you. If that sounds like you then this could be your first step to a journey deeper in you leadership growth. 
If any of these signs resonate with you then I welcome you to join our 7 Day Mini-Course for Emerging Fearless Leaders! 
  • ✔️ I want to connect with like-minded and success orientated and consciously aware leaders...
  • ✔️ I have natural leadership talents and I want to develop these more...
  • ✔️ I know that learning more about human behaviour and decoding people is important...
  • ✔️ I realise that people want to be part of something bigger, some more mission focussed...
  • ✔️ I know that becoming more culturally aware of the hidden forces that makes my business        tick is important...
  • ✔️ I am ready to be a leader who helps others achieve their goals to improve our overall                  goals...
  • ✔️ I'm becoming more passionate about growth and what this means to living my values...
  • ✔️ I want to realise my potential and find my leadership voice!...
  • ✔️It's been a long time since I've invested in my own growth and it's time to say yes to me and my mission to influence in a real way!
Leadership Development Courses
Whether you are on a personal or professional journey as a leader we have the world’s only behavioural based leadership programs available to you. If you’re here you might be looking for a program to Increase Results in your department, increase your sense of Emotional Fitness, bring out the Best in your Team, or to understand Yourself better, then our range of Online and Face to Face recognized programs will up skill and empower you with the competencies to succeed. Which-ever program you choose, you will gain instant access to the most powerful leadership resources Exclusive to your program. Our aim is to provide you with the skills to create a rewarding career as a leader and achieve that next Promotion, Appointment or Contract. And you can decide on how little or how much support you want to achieve your personal and professional goals. 
Boggled is an E-Learning Portal for Business Owners, Executives and Leaders that gives you access to hundreds of resources to help you develop mastery in personal growth, business development and team unity. Sign up today for your no-obligation 30 Day Free Trial! 
Leaders who care about culture, values and results will thrive in this program! The Executive & Leaders Coach Training program is an Advanced Certificate for leaders who want to take their professional growth to the next level! Learn powerful human behavioural skills to Mentor, Coach and develop your dream team. 
The Executive who wants to operate at a high level of performance will benefit from our cognitive profiling tool to understand yourself on a deeper level and use their results to improve all areas of their life. Our 16 Dimensional as assesses an individual’s preferences particularly in the everyday leadership context and measures your 4 primary characteristics that are relevant to your personal, business and leadership development. 
About PurposeSYNC
PurposeSYNC is a Business & Executive Coach training company. We are the only company specialising in Human Behavioural based leadership training. With our Flagship 'Executive Coach Training Skills for Managers & Leaders' PurposeSYNC was founded by Ilsé Strauss who is one of the highest accredited Coaches world wide with over 4500 hrs of expertise in Human Behaviour and Leadership. We look forward to welcoming you as one of our new Coaches!
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PurposeSYNC International has the only recognised Business, Executive and Leadership Coach based training for leadership development skills.
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