Blog: Personal Performance for Values Driven Leaders

Personal Performance for Values Driven Leaders

Personal Performance for Values Driven Leaders


In our team meeting this morning, we decided we are again, going to put our Values Alignment method to the test and have started a '7 Day Values Alignment Detox' to ensure that our world's are clutter free from any noise that may have crept in (without us noticing).

In a leaders world, whether in business, ministry or a manager in an office - you have countless wheels that need to keep turning to ensure KPI's are met and strategic objectives come to fruition. And because of the multiple moving parts, it is very easy for things to slip into your blind spot, and begin to unravel your well intended results. 


The Values Insight model for Leaders, which is based on human behavioural patterning, refers to this as 'slipping into the whirlwind'. That is, a place where unresourceful thoughts and beliefs, futile activities or toxic habits start to pop up in your environment. 

This could be in your environment, the images, words or people you are exposing your mind too, the priming rituals you are activating. With the intention of reviewing whether or not, it is moving you TOWARDS or AWAY from your Leadership Goals.
As with everything, in mapping out this '7 Day Values Alignment Detox', we set some benchmarks to include:

1. Reviewing the next season of Leadership Goals - such as Emotional Fitness, Professional Development, Strategic Planning, Cultural Management and the like;

2. Identifying the intrinsic values we are required to upgrade to to be able to achieve new goals;

3. Improving our Priming Rituals, habits and choices as well as removing the clutter from our world;

4. Activating our gratitude muscle, acknowledging what we are accomplishing to fully align with the present and to (quite simply) enjoy the vocation of leadership; and

5. Committing to 100% full responsibility to everything we are achieving, doing and experiencing and never to pass the buck for results.


As they say - 'What gets measured, gets improved'.


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