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Whether you are on a personal or professional journey as a leader we have the world’s only behavioural based leadership programs available to you. If you’re here you might be looking for a program to Increase Results in your department, increase your sense of Emotional Fitness, bring out the Best in your Team, or to understand Yourself better, then our range of Online and Face to Face recognised programs will upskill and empower you with the competencies to succeed. Which-ever program you choose, you will gain instant access to the most powerful leadership resources Exclusive to your program. Our aim is to provide you with the skills to create a rewarding career as a leader and achieve that next Promotion, Appointment or Contract. And you can decide on how little or how much support you want to achieve your personal and professional goals.
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Boggled is an E-Learning Portal for Business Owners, Executives and Leaders that gives you access to hundreds of resources to help you develop mastery in personal growth, business development and team unity. Sign up today for your no-obligation 30 Day Free Trial!


Leaders who care about culture, values and results will thrive in this program! The Executive & Leaders Coach Training program is an Advanced Certificate for leaders who want to take their professional growth to the next level! Learn powerful human behavioural skills to Mentor, Coach and develop your dream team.


The Executive who wants to operate at a high level of performance will benefit from our cognitive profiling tool to understand yourself on a deeper level and use their results to improve all areas of their life. Our 16 Dimensional as assesses an individual’s preferences particularly in the everyday leadership context and measures your 4 primary characteristics that are relevant to your personal, business and leadership development.

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